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Beaches in the province of Cagliari

The coast of the Gulf of Cagliari, very wide, is partly rocky and partly sandy and has a large number of small beaches,

The wild and unspoilt nature of the island, with a vast range of geology and morphology, is best expressed in its coastline, the longest in Italy at 1600 km. 

More rugged in the west, with a precipitous coastline fragmented by spectacular cliffs, it becomes gentler towards the east, with a large number of bays and sandy beaches and the wonderful Gulf of Orosei to the centre and east of the island, with its vertiginous vertical cliffs and beaches only accessible by sea; an obligatory destination for rock climbers from all over the world. 

The coast of the enormous Gulf of Cagliari is partly rocky and partly sandy, and features a series of small beaches nestled in coves between rocky outcrops. The exception is the city's famous Poetto beach, which stretches for more than eight kilometres between Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena.